Whatsapp Last Seen Checker V5.6a

Whatsapp Lastseen Filter V5.6a Functions:

Why it is called whatspp “last seen” filter? Whatsapp Lastseen Filter V.S. Contact filter?

This auto bot could check whether a whatsapp user is online,or the last time they were using whatsapp.

Lastseen checker v5.6A Functions:

  1. Load or generate numbers and check users last login time;
  2. Auto-save result in txt files or manually save in CSV file;
  3. Save profile images automatically;

How to use?

  1. Load whatsapp hash channels in;
  2. Load mobile numbers data or generate numbers automatically;
  3. Click start and let it run.

System Requirements:

1.Better use win10 system (x64 with all updates installed); Ram>4gb;Have free space on disk 3gb more;

  1. Good internet connection
  2. Installed Microsoft Visual C++2005 redistrubutable;
  3. If Win7 System,please install Microsoft .net framework 4.5

Whats is the price?

Price is 100USD for a licence key valid for 6 months; Wihin 6 months,all updates are free.
We will give you 5 channels to test the software and guide you to use it until it successfully works.

Video to show how Whatsapp last seen checker V5.6a works