whatsapp filter 5.4.1

Whatsapp Contact Filter V5.4

Auto generate numbers and auto filter – This software can filter of any bulk phone number you have or from scraped list, this software can separated which number used whatsapp and which number not used whatsapp.

On Otc,2021, BIG UPDATED from WhatsApp made big changed on their algorithm and security, now filtering process need strong channels or aged channels, if before updated algorithm from WhatsApp, 1 fresh channels can filtering more than 1.000.000 number on one times, now cant be like that anymore.

So, we launching new WhatsApp Contact Filter v4.5 / WA Filter v4.5, now you can add / import multiple channels into the software, so while filtering processing running, the software will use random channels we have imported.

You can use OLD or NEW Method, you can try use your imported channels with OLD method first, if not working or cant filtering you can try again with NEW Method.

Also in this version you can select option “filter until ban” its mean when your channels goes ban, the software will automatically use the next channels.

And this is full featured included on WA Filter v5.4.1:

– Import bulk channels
– Load/generate inputs numbers
– Export good channels
– Added more constants
– Fixed crashes while filtering
– Adding option for “filtering until banned”
– Adding option “Delete channels, if cant connect:

Now the latest version of whatsapp contact filter is V5.4.1 ;