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whatsapp filter now latest version is 5.4.1

We are excited to introduce our innovative software solution designed specifically for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts through WhatsApp and SMS channels. This state-of-the-art tool offers a comprehensive approach to filtering and managing user data, providing a seamless integration for both WhatsApp and SMS marketing strategies.

Our software whatsapp contact filter V5.4.1 is engineered to adeptly filter WhatsApp user data, enabling businesses to refine their audience targeting with precision. By utilizing advanced algorithms, the tool identifies the most relevant user segments based on predefined criteria, ensuring that your marketing messages are delivered to a receptive audience. This targeted approach not only boosts engagement rates but also significantly enhances the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Additionally, this versatile tool doubles as an effective SMS marketing platform. It allows for the meticulous filtering of leads, ensuring that your SMS campaigns reach individuals who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Whether you are promoting a new product launch, announcing a special event, or sending out regular updates, our software ensures that your messages are seen by the right eyes.

Key features of our software include user-friendly interfaces, real-time data processing, and robust security measures to protect your valuable customer information. These features are designed to facilitate a smooth operation, whether you are a small business or a large corporation.

Embrace the power of targeted marketing with our new software tool. By integrating this solution into your marketing strategy, you will not only save time and resources but also increase your conversion rates and customer engagement. Experience a new level of marketing precision and efficiency today, and watch your business grow.

This tool is not just a software; it’s a game-changer in the way businesses communicate with their customers. Leverage our technology to stay ahead in the competitive market and maximize your marketing potential.

Whatsapp Hash Extractor V4.1 New Released

Whatsapp hash extractor now released latest version 4.1. It fixes problem of whatsapp accounts registered on LD player but cannot be extracted;

Now users can easily extract whatsapp hash channels with format of 4 segments or 6 segments from whatsapp queen channels or accounts on emulators.

Main features for whatsapp hash extractor are:

1. Extract whatsapp hash channels with 6 segments or 4 segments; Business whatsapp accounts or normal personal accounts both working;

2.Reload whatsapp hash channels to emulators:

3. Jason formatted whatsapp accounts could be converted to hash channels formatted as well.

whatsapp groups bulk sender

Whatsapp Bulk Groups Poster V3.3

The WhatsApp Bulk Groups Poster is a sophisticated automation software designed for mass joining of WhatsApp groups. Once integrated into these groups, users can effortlessly distribute advertisements or any other promotional content directly to the group members. This tool streamlines the process of reaching targeted audiences efficiently and effectively. Now software updated to V3.3 version!

whatsapp group sender
whatsapp group sender


  • send messages on all WhatsApp platform (Android, iPhone and others)
  • text, image (jpg, png, gif), location, vCard, audio (mp3), video(avi, mp4), document (txt, pdf, csv, doc)
  • autosave report
  • encoding messages (End-to-End Encryption)
  • don’t need Android emulators!!!
  • easy to use
  • set Profile Picture on channel and group
  • create Group and send messages, then leave group


  • added: load channel from folder com.whatsapp
  • fixed: error 404
  • fixed some bugs on login
  • added: rotate profile images
  • code optimization
  • new API
  • interface and code optimization
  • new format Constants.txt
  • added: stickers
  • added: sending any type of file (mode: document)
  • fixed: set profile picture
  • fixed: sending vcard
  • fixed: sending images
  • fixed: receive cipher keys
  • new API
  • fixed: Sending Media
  • add second reconnect
  • fixed bug with leave all groups
  • add group description

Whatsapp Hash Channels Registration Tool

Whatsapp Register Wart V5.5 now updated to latest version of whatsapp auto wart 5.8 yet!

Whatsapp Registration Tool Wart V5.5

This software can generate secure hash channel for your simcard/virtual number GSM/CDMA to registering as your channel to applying for the next software all supported with whatsapp hash channels.

whatsapp filter 5.4.1

Whatsapp Contact Filter V5.4

Auto generate numbers and auto filter – This software can filter of any bulk phone number you have or from scraped list, this software can separated which number used whatsapp and which number not used whatsapp.

On Otc,2021, BIG UPDATED from WhatsApp made big changed on their algorithm and security, now filtering process need strong channels or aged channels, if before updated algorithm from WhatsApp, 1 fresh channels can filtering more than 1.000.000 number on one times, now cant be like that anymore.

So, we launching new WhatsApp Contact Filter v4.5 / WA Filter v4.5, now you can add / import multiple channels into the software, so while filtering processing running, the software will use random channels we have imported.

You can use OLD or NEW Method, you can try use your imported channels with OLD method first, if not working or cant filtering you can try again with NEW Method.

Also in this version you can select option “filter until ban” its mean when your channels goes ban, the software will automatically use the next channels.

And this is full featured included on WA Filter v5.4.1:

– Import bulk channels
– Load/generate inputs numbers
– Export good channels
– Added more constants
– Fixed crashes while filtering
– Adding option for “filtering until banned”
– Adding option “Delete channels, if cant connect:

Now the latest version of whatsapp contact filter is V5.4.1 ;

whatsapp last seen 5.8

Whatsapp Lastseen V6.3

Attention: Due to 2021 Years whatsapp update,we cannot check whatsapp last seen time and now this software whatsapp wapp6.4 now can only detect users genders in bulk and download their profile images;

WhastApp LastSeen v5.8
Pcice: 100$ (1 License on 1 PC)
Last seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp

– lastseen 450 numbers from 1 channel (max from WhatsApp servers and timeout)
– Load/generate inputs numbers
– AutoSave result
– save Profile Pictures (in startup folder)
– save result in csv file
– can load and save url for profile images

Online and last seen tell you if your contacts are online, or the last time they were using WhatsApp.

Online means that contact has WhatsApp open in the foreground on their device and is connected to the Internet. However, it does not necessarily mean they have read your message.

Last seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp.

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to see a contact’s last seen, example, they may have set their privacy settings to hide this information.

If You are need check LastSeen more numbers (>450), then upload at least 5-20 channels

You are can check (LastSeen) approximately 450 numbers from 1 channels and the server will not meet You some time (few minutes). You are need use other whatsapp hash channel.

Saved result (profile picture):

For more info,please contact me via telegram @whatsappabc

Whatsapp Hash Exactor V3.1.1

Whatsapp hash exactor V4.1.1 new released ,which fixed some problems on whatsapp accounts reload on Ld-player emulator;

1.The device must be rooted with SuperUser (if You use Android phone)Start WhatsApp on Your Android device and register account.

2.From PC start application WART Extractor.exe and click Refresh

3.Click GetChannel. You will receive hash channel, which have new format: number,public_key,private_key.

Now this channels can use in conatct filter V5.4.1 and whatsapp blaster sender v7.4 softwares,etc

Now you can also convert queen chanenls to hash channel with this software!

System requirements:
– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not supported)
– 50 Mb free space on hard disk
– good internet connection
– installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
– installed Android emulator (example, NOX) with root mode or mobile phone with root mode (check availability folder /data/data/com.whatsapp/). I recommend use Android 4.4.2

License on 6 months

whatsapp hash recovery

Whatsapp Wart Recovery V 3.5

WART_Recovery v3.5 charges $80 Every 6 months; Now this software has released new version by V4.0.

This desktop based software can recovery whatsapp hash channels from your device (tested on NOX, Leapdroid, GM,etc) where installed WhatsApp official client.
Example: You can convert Queen channels to hash-channels

How to create whatsapp hash channels?
1. The device must be rooted
2. Install Extractor.apk on your device.
3. Start WhatsApp and register account.
4. Start Extractor and click Extract, click Copy to clipboard
5. From PC start application WART_rc2.exe and paste from clipboard ID
Click Recovery. You will get hash-channel.

System requirements:
– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Windows XP not supported)
– 50 Mb free space on hard disk
– good internet connection
– installed microsoft visual c++ 2015 redistributable.
– installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
– installed Android emulator (example, NOX)

If you need whatsapp queen channels,contact me for more detailed info via telegram @whatsappabc

Whatsapp Blaster Sender V7.4

With whatsapp balster sender V7.4,you can send text, image, vCard, audio, video, documents, stickers and combine these modes.

WhatsApp Blaster sender is perfect for building a business anywhere in the world through the creation of an advertising agency on the mailing lists and information as well as their potential customers.

LATEST UPDATED V7.3.3 (07/12/2023):

Updated WhatsApp API
Improved speed for normal mode (start)
Updated constants

LATEST UPDATED V7.3.2 (24/11/2023):

Updated WhatsApp API
Added Whatsapp modded apks
Fixed : Error “waiting for this message…” on client side

LATEST UPDATED V7.1.3 (15/11/2023):

Updated WhatsApp API
Added Whatsapp modded apks
Fixed : selecting of Android devices

LATEST UPDATED V7.0.2 (24/01/2023):

Updated WhatsApp API
Added Iphone constants

LATEST UPDATED V7.0.2 (06/01/2023):

Updated WhatsApp API

LATEST UPDATED V7.0.1 (16/12/2022):

Updated WhatsApp API
Fixed load channels from folder
You can see log file in folder Debug

LATEST UPDATED V7.0 (11/12/2022):

Updated WhatsApp API
Fixed interactive messages with media (on iPhone do not work)
Added load channels from com.whatsapp folders (Queen Channels)
Added type ViewOnce (image, video)

LATEST UPDATED V6.5.3 (14/09/2022):

Updated WhatsApp API
Fixed interactive messages with media (on iPhone do not work)

LATEST UPDATED V6.5 (01/08/2022):

Updated WhatsApp API
Fixed some bugs

LATEST UPDATED V6.4.3 (13/05/2022):

Added: saving window locations
Fixed decrypt protocol messages
Added: “document” in mode “interactive message”