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whatsapp groups bulk sender

Whatsapp Bulk Groups Poster V3.3

The WhatsApp Bulk Groups Poster is a sophisticated automation software designed for mass joining of WhatsApp groups. Once integrated into these groups, users can effortlessly distribute advertisements or any other promotional content directly to the group members. This tool streamlines the process of reaching targeted audiences efficiently and effectively. Now software updated to V3.3 version!

whatsapp group sender
whatsapp group sender


  • send messages on all WhatsApp platform (Android, iPhone and others)
  • text, image (jpg, png, gif), location, vCard, audio (mp3), video(avi, mp4), document (txt, pdf, csv, doc)
  • autosave report
  • encoding messages (End-to-End Encryption)
  • don’t need Android emulators!!!
  • easy to use
  • set Profile Picture on channel and group
  • create Group and send messages, then leave group


  • added: load channel from folder com.whatsapp
  • fixed: error 404
  • fixed some bugs on login
  • added: rotate profile images
  • code optimization
  • new API
  • interface and code optimization
  • new format Constants.txt
  • added: stickers
  • added: sending any type of file (mode: document)
  • fixed: set profile picture
  • fixed: sending vcard
  • fixed: sending images
  • fixed: receive cipher keys
  • new API
  • fixed: Sending Media
  • add second reconnect
  • fixed bug with leave all groups
  • add group description